A bit of light

A bit of light is a narrative game developed for 2020's GamesAid Mental Health Jam in february. The programming was done by David Villegas and the music and SFX by Jaime Povar.

This game is about making choices as the weekend of the protagonist unfolds.

It's possible to see how every choice affects their mind since the lantern they hold fills with positive or negative thoughts. There are four endings depending on the balance of the player's weekend.

Click here to play.

Hayley & Raven

Hayley & Raven is the name of a mod for the game Monster Prom, where you can befriend those new students while finding out about their past.

Depending on the decisions and dialogue options chosen, the story will branch out and unveil different parts of their lifes. If the right choices are made, one of the two secret endings will show up.

Check it out here.

Verne: the shape of fantasy

Verne: the shape of fantasy is a pixel art narrative experience based on the life and work of Jules Verne developed by Gametopia.

I participated in the development of the game as an artist, tester and game designer, making some of the puzzles of the game.

Click here to check the website.


Meowmories is a puzzle and narrative short game developed during the Ludum Dare 45 in october 2019 where David Villegas was the programmer.

A friendly spirit appears in a forest without any way to recall its past self.

To remember and try to find out what happened, it will need to catch its very own memories.

Click here to play.

An ocean away

This prototype was developed in september 2018, when I participated in my first game jam. The programming was made by David Villegas.

It’s a point and click game in which you control a mermaid called Lena who has been kidnapped and taken far away from her home.

The idea was that in the full game version you would have to find out what happened and the way to go back home.

In the protoype version we introduce part of the story as well as the most relevant aspect of the game which is that mechanics and interactions change depending on if you are underwater or on land.

Click here to play.